Do you want to know more about your futur tenant?

The  tenant  criminal background checks include the tenant’s judicial records from courthouses and municipal courts.

Tenant  criminal  background checks only display information on proceedings and  public court record information.

This background  check allows landlords  to determine if the prospective tenant has been prosecuted for criminal or federal offences in Québec.  

The income loss from unpaid rent over the time it takes to evict, can have a tremendous negative impact on a rental business.

Since court records are public record, the specific detailed information found will be released, including the offence, the date of ruling, and any disposition received.

Information located can include convictions, discharges, pending charges, peace bonds and stays of proceedings.

Tenant crédit check =24,50$ + tx

Tenant credit check  + Court criminal background check in Québec = 36,75$ + tx 

Tenant credit check  + Régie du logement du Québec  = 36,75$ + tx 

Tenant credit check  + Court criminal background check in Québec  + Régie du logement in Québec  = 43,05$ + tx 


Our tenant background  checks  reports will normally be sent to you by email within the same day or a maximum delay of  12 business hours.


A criminal tenant background check is essential before signing the lease

Online Forms

It has never been so easy and quick to do your  tenant  screening background checks  remotely with Simtenant. From your mobile, tablet or computer, our online forms  allows you to make your requests anywhere and anytime when you need it.

You will no longer need to print or scan anything. You simply have to  inform your prospective tenant  to completely fill out our  electronic signature credit check consent form   below which once  sent it will be transmitted  directly  to our office.

The informations on the consent form are used to make all the tenant screening  checks.

If you prefer, a PDF credit check consent form to be print and manually signed by the  tenant is also available. You must scan it or take a picture with your cell phone and send it to our email address info@creditcheckcanada.ca  or by Fax it  to our toll-free 1-866- 996-3183

After that, all you need to do is to make the payment online and you will be receiving our complete and detailed report by email.

**Important Notice **

The validation of the identity of the future tenant is a task that belongs to the landlord  or to  his representative. He is responsible for verifying his documents and transmitting to us all the exact  information to be able to find the credit file at the credit bureau. We will be obliged to invoice you again if the information of the future tenant transmitted by the landlord  is not accurate and you wish to make the pre-rental check  again. Creditcheckcanada  is not responsible for any costs incurred from false information, fraud,  unpaid rent or credit files that are not updated by the tenant with Transunion.

The treatment of your background checks requests start at the moment we receive them. If the result is already sent to you by email, we will not be able to refund you. Cancellation fees may also apply if the results of our checks  are not sent to you yet.