Tenant screening services for landlords 

Find the perfect tenant

No Membership Fees Required 

Our offices are open and for the moment we offer customer service exclusively by email.


A streamlined procedure

It doesn't make a difference if we get the consent form before or after you make the payment online.

 You simply have to  inform your prospective tenant  to completely fill out our  electronic signature credit check consent form   below which once  sent it will be transmitted  directly  to our office.

The informations on the consent form are used to make all the tenant screening  checks.

You will no longer need to print or scan anything.

 From your mobile, tablet or computer, our online forms  allow you to make your requests anywhere and anytime when you need it.

If you prefer, a PDF credit check consent form to be print and manually signed by the  tenant is also available. You must scan it or take a picture with your cell phone and send it to our email address info@creditcheckcanada.ca  or by Fax it  to 514-838-9220 or to our toll-free Fax 1-855- 838-9220.

After that, all you need to do is to make the payment online and you will be receiving our complete and detailed report by email.