Frequent asked questions

No, Creditcheckcanada.ca doesn’t charge monthly or annual membership fees. You can simply do the tenant background checks with us whenever you need it.

Creditcheckcanada.ca offers the Tenant’s  Credit check in Canada, the Tenant’s Court criminal background check in Canada, the  verification with the Régie du logement in Québec and the skiptracing service to locate a former tenant in Canada.  

You can find them at any of the our services pages.

Normally, you will receive it within the same day depending of the time we get your request. If not our maximum response time is 12 business hours. 

Our electronic signature tenant’s credit check  consent form is present in the Home page ,in any of our services pages and in the Forms tab in the menu.

The signed tenant’s consent form is  mandatory. The tenant must complete it  all by himself. Once  sent, it will be redirected  to our office. 

Non, our electronic signature credit check consent form is not printable.You will only need to inform your future tenant to  fill it out all completely  online and it be sent directly to us.

If you need a printable consent form, you can find it at the Home page or at the Services pages. Is manually signed  and it must be sent to us by email to info@creditcheckcanada.ca

 No, once the tenant has  filled out the consent form  it  is sent directly to our  office.

At this point it is important to had validated the tenant’s  2 pieces of photo ID’s and a phone bill to verify the current address to make sure we are receiving the correct informations from you. 

It is a very  complete and detailed  tenant’s credit report.

You will find out if the prospective tenant has ever filed for bankruptcy or has dealt with a collection agency .

 You will know his credit score; and  you will obtain a full list of their creditors with the balance for each account and late payments.

Creditcheckcanada.ca needs  the following information in order to find the tenant’s credit file at the credit bureau.

First Name, last name, date of birth, present and past address if applicable.

If you don’t send us the correct information we won’t be able to find the tenant’s credit file at the credit bureau.



You  must use  our online payment form  at the Home page or under the Services tab and sub tabs and in the Forms tab.

If you have not received our tenant’s background checks results within 12 business hours, please verify first  your Spam box as your e-mail application might have blocked it