Walkthrough Guide

We would like to inform you that our firm does not charge membership fees and that our response time is a maximum of 12 business hours.

Our tenant screening services are offered to landlords and representatives only.

It should be noted that the order in which we receive the consent form, the online payment, the proof of ownership and the ID’s  does not matter to us. 

Upon receipt of your documents, we will immediately process your request and an email will be sent to you only if additional information is necessary to begin your verifications.

Opening an account free of charge 

During your first verification with our firm, the landlord or his representative must send us the following items by email to the address indicated on our website:

1) First, you will need to provide us a recent proof of ownership of the place to rent.

This proof can be:

 A copy of the tax bill or property assessment or the first page of the registration of the notarized deed of purchase or the first page of the building’s insurance, showing the name of the landlord and the address of the place for rent.

2) Second, you will need to provide us with a landlord’s ID . We accept a photocopy or photo of the driver’s license or health insurance card.

In the case of a verification of a new address of the place for rent for the same landlord, you will only have to send us proof of ownership of this new place for rent.

If the landlord asks the tenant to do his own verification, the owner must send us an email at info@simlocataire.com indicating:

the name of this tenant,  send us the proof of ownership of his  place for rent and his ID.

Regarding the online payment, it is the third form in the Forms tab. Once sent, it will be forwarded directly to our office and you will receive the payment receipt to your  email.

Consent forms

A tenant consent form is required per tenant  and only our consent forms should be used.

Our  consent form can also be used to do the verification of the Court criminal records in Quebec and the verification at the Tribunal administratif du logement in Québec.

We provide you with two consent forms for the tenant. Please choose one of the two according to your needs.

The first is the “Electronic Signature Consent Form”.For this one, you simply have to inform your future tenant to consult our web page or  send him the page link  by email .

This consent form must be signed and fully be completed online by the tenant and  it is not printable. The future tenant must know: The name of the landlord or his representative  of the place to rent and his  e-mail address .

This electronic signature consent form once sent will be transmitted directly to our office.

The second is a PDF consent form to print  to be manually filled out and signed  by the tenant and to be sent to our email address or to the fax number that  is present on our website. A photo of the consent  form from your cell phone can also be used. The information must be clear and legible.

We would like to remind you that it is the responsibility of the landlord  or his representative to validate the identity of the future tenant before sending us the request, indicating:

The first name, last name, date of birth, the current address and the tenant’s previous address.

The social insurance number is optional.

If this identity validation is not performed, we may not find the renter’s credit report at the credit bureau. If you proceed with this validation after we have sent you the report and the tenant’s credit file is not found, we will be obliged to invoice you again for a new verification.

Our detailed and complete report will help you know the financial situation of your future tenant, including the following information:

If the future tenant has declared bankruptcy or has had collections;

His credit score,

You will know the total amount of his debts.

Account balances and late payments if applicable.

The Court criminal records verification in Quebec  is essential and necessary to know if your future tenant has legal proceedings.

A verification  will be carried out at the Tribunal administratif du logement in  Québec and will allow you to be informed, among other things, if the tenant has had  problems with the former landlords or with the payments of the monthly rent.

In the event of a problem with the interpretation of the  report that will be sent to you by email, our customer service department can assist you.

As for employment reference inquiries, we simply recommend that you demand proof of employment from your future tenant by asking them to show you their last three pay stubs.

For self-employed workers, ask them to confirm their annual income. It is a fast, efficient and above all no additional cost way to confirm your income statements and prove your ability to pay your rent.

If you have not received the result of our checks within a maximum of 12 working hours, you must first check the spam or spam folder in your email box because your spam filter may have blocked it.